Trim/Athboy Anglers in the winners enclosure again.

24/03/2024 I woke up to a beautiful spring morning. The sun was shining and the temperature was lovely and mild. A perfect day for fishing. It was 06.45 but I knew I had a couple of things to do before I could head to lough Lene. The first competition of the year on Lene was scheduled for this morning and we ( myself and my brother Enda) had planned to go. First we had to take the boat out of storage which meant we had to travel to Finnea and from Finnea back to Collinstown to Lene, hence the early start to the day. Anyway, everything went swimmingly well. As we approached Lene after collecting the boat we noticed a massive hatch of fly along the lake on the road the public slipway is on. We both agreed this was a good sign. We went on through Collinstown and into Fagans Point to launch the boat. When we got there to my suprise the lake was extremely high, in fact it was so high there were very few boats moored where normally there would be close to 100 plus. Lots of anglers had to go to the public slipway as the room for parking had been greatly depleted by the very high water level. I have never seen the lake so high. About 90% of the mooring area were submerged under the water. This meant that anybody who had intended to leave their boat here after the competition could not do so and had to bring them home. The Lough Lene Cup was going ahead. About 20 boats entered including 4 boats of Trim/Athboy anglers, including Tommy Keogan, Mark O’ Reagan, Ken Casey, Gerry Casey, Dermot Leonard and guest, Myself and Enda. Competition started at 11.00 and finished at 17.00. Throughout the day there was plenty of fly hatching mainly Duck Fly , buzzers. The weather in the afternoon changed and the wind turned to come from the east and it got very cold. Plenty of very nice fish were caught and weighed in. Enda caught a nice rainbow 1.6kg mid afternoon pulling a wholly bugger. The results for the day are as follows,

Juvenile: winner Evelyn keogh 1.54kg Seniors: 3rd place Tommy Keogan, 2.12 kg (Trim Athboy Anglers) 2nd Place Dermot Leonard Jnr. 2.24kg (Trim Athboy Anglers) 1st Place and winner of the Lough Lene Cup with a fish of 2.36kg was Noel Shields (Lough Lene)

Congratulations to all the winners and all who took part.

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