River re-open for fishing

With effect from May 5th, the fishery is open subject to the following:-

  1. Access the river, subject to Government Covid 19 regulations.

  2. Please observe a 2 car maximum at entry points to the fishery. 

  3. Please do not block gates and congregate on the river access points or river bank.

  4. Open gates using standard precautions as per issued guidelines for prevention of spread of disease, eg use hand sanitiser before and after accessing gates and styles.

  5. If asked by a farmer to vacate, please respect their wishes and do not argue the case

  6. As per our club rules, you access the fishery at your own personal risk.  See rules here.

  7. Day Tickets are now on sale again from June 29th.

  8. Please report any non members fishing.

  9. These club rules are liable to change without notice – please check the website each time before entering the fishery.

Denis flyfishing on the River Boyne in Trim
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