Results from the Mick Smith Cup and the Clubs 80th Anniversary celebration competition.

Sunday the 19th of May turned out to be one of the best days of the year from a weather point of view. Temperatures reaching 22 degrees plus, with bright sunshine making it not an easy day for trout fishing. From all accounts, fishing was difficult in the earlier part of the day but as late afternoon drew nearer, flies began to hatch and trout began to rise and anglers began to catch. 26 rods fished the competition. This was also a celebration of the clubs 80th anniversary, incidentally should have taken place last year 2023 but due to the bad weather conditions and high water had to be cancelled. Some special commemorative prizes were also going to be presented in the evening. Food and refreshments were served from James Murray at Boyneista Coffee Dock on bank of the river, what a lovely place to relax and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee or even a mineral and a snack and watch the river pass you by. The prizes were very special for our 80th anniversary with 3 prints of trout sponsored by the club and beautifully framed by Paddy Rispin, well worth checking out for any framing you may have. Our own committee member Walter Bayer, (Outlaw Flyfisher), who produced some really bespoke specially made Fly Boxes as can been seen in the photos. Of course not forgetting most important the Mick Smith Cup. A really great day and evening was had by all. A special thanks to the committee and especially Tommy Keogan for the organisation of such a special event. The following are the results and congratulations to all the winners,

1st Shane Callan, 2nd Richard Wheeler, 3rd, Dessie Hamilton, 4th Larry O’ Sullivan, and 5th Andrew Dempsey.

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