Photo Competition 2015

This day and age we all carry cameras of some description – either our phones or maybe you have a little point and shoot with you while you’re out fishing. We are blessed to have access to two beautiful stretches of water – The Boyne and The Trimblestown so we want to see your best photos of our river. To that effect the club is running a photo competition for the coming season and the theme is “Our River”

This competition is just for a bit of fun although there will be a prize for the winner. We want you to take a nice photograph that shows our river in all it’s glory. The competition is open to all members of the club (excluding day ticket holders).
There are a few rules as follows;
The photos must be taken during the current fishing season so that means no old photos from previous years.
The closing date for entries is midnight Friday 2nd October 2015 – just to give anyone out fishing on the last day a chance to get their pics in.
There is no limit of the number of photos you may submit so get snapping.
Photos will be judged by Denlo Photography with the judge’s decision being final – and he has a big gun!
To enter your photo you must email it Your photo will then be added to a new competition gallery on our photos page for all to see.
Here’s a few pointers for all you budding photographers.
  • Make sure your photograph is sharp – blurred, out of focus pics just don’t work.
  • Think about your subject and your composition before clicking.
  • Try not shoot directly into the sun.
  • Don’t drop your phone/camera in the river!
  • It’s pictures of the river we’re after, so a photo of a dead trout on the bank is not going to make the cut.
  • We’ve got some lovely bridges, trees and buildings along our stretch of water so don’t be stuck for something to shoot.
  • A photo of your fishing buddy in an embarrassing situation gets bonus points.
  • Early morning or late evening light always makes for a nice photo.
So that’s it folks. Get out there and get snapping while you’re fishing.
Here’s an example of something you might take:
Yellow Steeple on the River Boyne, Trim. Co. Meath.

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