Existing Members

Memberships renewal is available online to our members.  Please check your email for  your renewal invitation.

Adult Membership Renewal  €50

Senior Renewal €20

Junior (under 18)  €5

Should you require any assistance in navigating our new online membership system, please call any one of the following committee members who are trained in the system:-

Walter Bayer – 087 421 4520

Andrew Dempsey – 086 160 8880

Denis O’Donovan – 086 259 2381

Paul French  – 087 2559959

Jimmy Hyland  – 086 174 2698

Lapsed memberships for 2 years or more should complete the application form.

All other enquiries:-

Mr. Thomas Lee Keogan
Trim Athboy & District Angling Association
16 St Bridgets Villas
Co. Meath ,
C15 NR52

New or Lapsed Memberships

New membership requires committee approval and proposal by a member. Lapsed membership for 2 years or more will have to rejoin. The new joining fees including first year membership are as follows:-

  • Adult  €80.  
  • Senior €40
  • Junior €5

Please complete this form and we will get back to you asap.

Membership Application
Have you previously purchased Day Permits from our club?
Please note we may need to contact you regarding your application.

Rules & Bylaws of the Association

·         The objectives of the association are the preservation of salmon and trout in such portion of the River Boyne and its tributaries as may be acquired by the Association from time to time.

·         All members may exercise their rights at all lawful times, subject to the following conditions.

1.       Fishing with rod and line only permitted. Landing net may be used.

2.       All trout under 12inches (305mm) measuring from the tip of snout to the fork of tail must be returned uninjured to the water. Bag limit 3 trout.

3.       Members must comply with all the by laws of the Association and Statutes regulating fishing in Irish Republic and with any other by-laws affecting the said rivers.

4.       Fishing with natural minnow is prohibited.

5.       Trout Season 17th March to 30 September. Catch and release applies from 1st July to 30th September.

·         Respect and protect riparian Landowners and farmers interests.

1.       Members of the Association hereby waive any right or entitlement to pursue any claim against riparian owners/occupiers (to include but not limited to Lessees) for any loss, personal injury, damage howsoever caused pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Liability Act 1961 and whether such claim arises as a result of any statutory breach or negligence of the riparian owner/occupier. Members will familiarise themselves with and be bound by any notices placed at the entrances to Riparian Owners/Occupiers lands.

2.       Members are classed as recreational users for the purposes of the Occupiers Liability Act 1995. Riparian Owners/Occupiers reserve the right to refuse a member entry to lands owned or held by them.

3.       Dogs are not permitted.

·         Empty bottles or tins must not be left strewn along the river banks.

·         Members must not damage any meadows, crops or fences adjoining the rivers.

·         Members must display their club membership car sticker when parking in access points to fishery. No parking in gateways.

·         Membership card must be carried by all members while fishing in the preserves of the Association and must be produced for inspection on demand by a riparian owner, water keeper or any member of the Association.

·         Any member causing upset to riparian owners or landowners who provide access to our fishery may have their membership suspended, restricted or cancelled.

·         The club cannot vouch for the safe state of the fishery at any time due to changing weather and water conditions and the possible presence of hidden and unknown dangers. Anglers are warned to exercise the utmost care for their own safety and that of others using the fishery.

·         Failure to comply with all or any of the Rules, Constitution and Bye Laws of the Association (which are presumed to be considered and read by members) will result in membership being cancelled.

·         In the event of an incident, contact club secretary or committee member with 24hrs.

·         All members waive any legal entitlement to claim against fellow members or officers of the Association or the Association itself arising out of any personal injury, loss or damage howsoever caused including any claim for damages arising out of any negligent act, breach of duty or breach of statutory duty on the part of officers, committee members or members of the Association.

All enquiries should be addressed to the Hon. Secretary and accompanied by a Stamped Addressed Envelope