Mick Smith Cup Results.

Over twenty anglers took part in our first competition of the season, the Mick Smith Cup on Sunday 22nd May. Angling was difficult with high winds and showers throughout the day and the water still a little on the high side. Mayfly were sporadic along the river with fish showing little interest in them.

Anglers still managed to produce 8 fish for the weigh in at 6pm with the heaviest being just under 1lb. The winning fish was caught by our competition secretary, Tommy Keogan and he received his prize from our club President, Paul McManus.

Tommy Keogan receives the Mick Smith Cup.

In second and third place we had Darren Magee and Kieran Garvey who were presented with their prizes by Tommy Keogan.

It was a little disappointing that there were no Junior members taking part but hopefully we’ll see some at next weeks competition, the Searle Cup and Fr. Jennings Cup. This takes place on Sunday 29th May from 11.00am to 6.00pm, meeting at the usual spot in the car park beside Aldi.

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