Competition Results 2017 Season


FISHERMAN OF THE YEAR: Dermot Leonard (Jnr.)



Mick Smith CupSunday 21st May

  1. Dermot Leonard (Jnr) – 1lb-4.75oz
  2. Pearse Johnson – 0lb-15.75ozs
  3. Darren McGee – 0lb-13.75ozs


Searle CupSunday 28th May

  1. John Ayton – 0lb-14.75ozz
  2. Dermot Leonard (Jnr.) – 0lb-12.5ozs


WM. Anderson CupFriday 9th June

  1. Dermot Leonard (Jnr.) – 0lb-15ozs
  2. Pearse Johnson – 0lb-13.25ozs
  3. Tommy Keogan – 0lb-12ozs


Peppard CupFriday 23rd June

  1. Oliver Smyth – 1lb-3.5ozs
  2. Larry O’Sullivan – 1lb-0.5ozs
  3. Gay Doody – 0lb-15.5ozs


Tyrrell CupFriday 14th July

  1. Tommy Keogan – 2lb-12.75ozs
  2. Dermot Leonard (Jnr.) – 1lb-0.75ozs
  3. John Ayton 1lb-0ozs


P&L Fagan CupFriday 28th July

  1. Dermot Leonard (Jnr.) – 1lb-6.25ozs
  2. Joe O’Donnell – 1lb-01ozs
  3. Noel King – 0lb-12ozs

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