Club invites Dr Ken Whelan to present new findings on Salmon Stocks: 2nd December, 2011 8pm

Venue:  Barrista Suite – TRIM CASTLE HOTEL

Time: 8PM

€10 admission

All Welcome


Salmon under Pressure – Warming Seas and Changing Oceans

Ken Whelan

In mid October scientists working on the salmon at sea programme gathered for a three day salmon summit in La Rochelle, France. In his talk Ken Whelan will describe how warming seas are putting increasing pressure on salmon stocks from southern Europe and explains how we must redouble our efforts to alleviate man-made impacts if some of these stocks are to survive. The talk will cover:

  • What evidence have we that salmon are dying at sea?

  • Which stocks are affected?

  • What parts of the North Atlantic are most affected by the problems?

  • New and fascinating information on the biology of salmon at sea – salmon inhabit the realm of the sperm whale and travel to the very edge of the northern ice packs!

  • What are the drivers causing the salmon problems at sea?

  • What are the implications for anglers and managers?

  • What can we do about it?

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