Angling Safety First And Always

Think Before you enter

With the opening of the new season we all need to refresh our thinking in relation to our health and safety while angling and the healthy and safety of others around us. Firstly, ensure you are parked in a safe way and not a danger to others. Make sure you are not obstructing entrances or gateways. Ensure you know where you are going. If entering a farm make sure you know the type of farm, this is essential as different farms have different things going on. Animals are now back out grazing and with dairy cows there are often bulls accompanying them. Signs will not always be in place. Please do not enter if there is a bull in the field, its better to be safe than sorry. If you are entering where there are horses please try not to spook the them as this can endanger the horses as well as yourself. If there are riders on the horses cease fishing and stand still until the horses and riders are well out of sight. Throughout the year young horses are being broken and ridden and are extremely flighty and the slightest action will spook them.

Lets have safe season and enjoy your fishing. Please report any instances to a committee member. Co-operate with land owners and if asked to leave, please do.

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