A night with Peter Driver Irish International Fly Fisher

On the 24th on November 2023 the club had guest speaker Irish International Fly fisherman Peter Driver to give a talk on river fishing and tactics. This night turned out to be a very educational evening in which a large number of members, non-members and invited guests turned up. Peter is an expert on Dry Dropper and Nymphing. I actually thought I knew a little about fly fishing but, believe me the amount of knowledge that Peter has on the subject and spoke about that night put me to shame. By the way up to this year I knew nothing at all about “Dry Dropper” until I visited Peter on the river Nore at the end of May this year. Basically dry Dropper in about catching lots of fish and not about catching big fish that is not to say you will not come across big fish to. Peter gave an overview of the set-up, size of rods and lines, ratios of leaders and droppers and successful flies to use. I could not explain all Peter spoke about that night but to say I found it very interesting and haven spoken to a lot of attendees afterwards who really enjoyed the night too. This type of evening has become more or less an annual event having had Tom Doc Sullivan the 2 years previous. Hopefully next year we will have another evening similar with possibly one of the aforementioned or someone new. If anyone knows somebody who would be of benefit and willing to depart with their knowledge please let one of the committee members know. Overall we had a fantastic night and learned quite a lot and I would like to thank Peter for parting with all this useful information. Looking forward to 2024 season to try my new tactics. Tight lines everybody in the new season 2024. On behalf of the committee of Trim/Athboy Angling Association we wish you and your families a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and successful fishing season next year.

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